Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lightweight personal continous integration

Getting timely feedback is the key to improved software development productivity and software quality. That's why we have automated testing and CI servers.

Running a full CI server on your machine is a solution I've used in the past for some middle size projects. Using a personnal branch on a distributed SCM is another solution for complex projects / long running branches.

For simple projects, you can easily run a basic CI-like system on your machine. I call this lightweight personal CI.

Jeff Winkler's original nosy script is a great reminder that software should be kept simple and right to the point.

See also Doug Latornell's version

Here's my humble version, with a couple of extra features, in particular Gnome notifications and parsing of the XUnit like XML result.

Too bad I am hitting a lib notify Markup notification issue on Ubuntu 9.04, I can't display pretty HTML. On an unrelated note, launchpad 3.0 launched yesterday.

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