Friday, February 25, 2011

getting svn and git svn to work long paths on windows

It appears that no latest stable SVN client (1.6.15 latest today) work well when working with projects with long paths (i.e. > ~ 250 characters). Noone on the team had problems as they used TortoiseSVN, but I insist on checkout out from the command line, and I also want to use git svn.

Now there's a work-around, but it seems relatively unknown. Yes you read well: use absolute paths instead of relative paths. That's it. Basically do:

$ svn co http://server/project/trunk c:\Projects\project.git

For git svn, from the git batch command line:

$ git svn clone [options] http://server/project/trunk /c/Projects/project.git

It also appears that svn client 1.7, out Q1 2011, will also fix that. But I couldn't confirm it from the roadmap.

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