Monday, October 12, 2009

Online (free) issue trackers

I've been trying and using various issue trackers in the past months, in particular task2gather and pivotal tracker. This for very small projects (1-3 developers).

I wasn't satisfied with task2gather. In particular, I found it was too much in my way and also often failed in a way that made me lose my data (it clears your form when submitting, and if for whatever it fails, you lose your text). Other limitations (as for *August* 2009):

  • lacks attachments (for free version)
  • lacks text formatting. If I paste code it is garbled...
  • reassigning a task to a new folder is cumbersome (cut / paste process).
  • workflow too fixed
  • I've seen strange issues with duplicate issues with changed titles. No history explaining it.
  • small inconveniences:

    • like when you create an issue, the url in the browser urlbar isn't
      always updated to reflect the issue url
    • for some reason, T2G doesn't let firefox to keep the password.

But I am so far happy with pivotal tracker. There are of course small things that could be improved, but the tool isn't in my way, which is what I expect most from a tool. The fact that is has a simple export to CSV and isn't down is also great. Check it out !

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