Monday, October 12, 2009

Synchronize firefox and chrome profiles passwords

I have been using chromium more and more on Linux. But all my passwords are saved in Firefox profile. So I wrote 2 tools to help me deal with my use of both chromium and firefox. One to dump firefox passwords, one to merge the dump into chromium's profile. Seems to work in my very limited test...

  • firefox_password_dump helps you dump firefox decrypted passwords into a CSV file
  • sync_ff_chrome_profiles one way sync from firefox passwords into chrome. Shouldn't be hard to write a tool that does the opposite. 2 ways sync is harder as firefox doesn't seem to keep timestamps. Read the limitations section !

I plan to keep Firefox as my main password storage, and chromium will be synced that way.

Tested with firefox 3.5, chromium 4.0 on Ubuntu Linux. Credits to for the initial Windows Firefox password dump

Was fun. Long time I hadn't written C :)

Note: the code I wrote is far from being pretty...

Update: of course, one can use the inbuilt Import saved passwords option (Options / Personnal Stuff / Import data, but you can tune this piece of code to do what you really want. E.g. try to sync both ways, import from a non default profile, filter out duplicates, etc... And for the curious, Chrome's import code is here and here

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